IPR Practitioner India

An emerging popular career option in the domain of law

Intellectual property is defined by experts as the creation of one’s mind, which includes industrial designs, inventions, artistic and literary work that might be commercialized. Plenty of opportunities are said to have been opened in the domain of Intellectual property and hence there is a growing need for IPR practitioner india. According to senior IPR practitioner india professionals, the exponential rise in patent filing numbers, the valuation of an organization these days are based largely upon IPR value that is possessed by the organization.

IPR PRACTITIONER INDIA: A wonderful career option

The current scenario is just excellent for IPR practitioner india professionals and the demand is only slated to grow, with the increase in online business and increasing challenges.

How has IPR practitioner india emerged a career option?

In India, there has been an increasing awareness in regards to Intellectual property which includes MSME, SME segment and there is substantial opportunity in this domain. It has been noticed that off late, research institutes including KIIT, IISc, JNCASR, etc. are said to have become quite pro-active to file patent applications.

What specific areas could the candidate opt for at the time of selecting IPR practitioner india as career option?

The interested candidate could select more than one domain based on his individual education background. Candidates having non-technical background having degree in law could select Trade Mark Prosecution and/or Litigation, while candidates having technical backgrounds could easily opt for areas in Licensing, Litigations, Patent Prosecution having designations like Patent Agent / Patent Analyst / Patent Specialist / Patent Engineer, etc.

Key qualities that one should possess to become IPR practitioner india

Candidates eager to become IPR practitioner india and having technical background, for instance B.Sc. or M.Sc. and Engineering degrees could be trained for working as Patent Engineers or Patent Analysts, where they are required to perform tasks like conducting different types of patent analytics and searches. In case the professional, besides the technical degree is registered as Patent Agent, she/he can perform tasks like patent filing, drafting, opposition and prosecution at Indian Patent Office besides conducting patent searches. Apart from this, the patent domain does require plenty of reading along with strong grasp of the different technical fields. Hence, adaptability towards new fields on regular basis is considered to be the key for growth and success here.

The professionals having just law degrees could be employed as copyright and trademark associates where they are able to take part in litigation or registration or even both. The key qualities tend to include analytical skills and strong communication, client counseling and case law research. The professionals having degrees in both technical and law are authorized in litigating in both copyrights/trademarks and patent domains.