With Regard To Fake Championship Belts, WWE And Amazon Have Filed Lawsuits | CloutNews

With Regard To Fake Championship Belts, WWE And Amazon Have Filed Lawsuits | CloutNews

13 sellers are being sued jointly by WWE and Amazon for allegedly marketing and peddling copies of the WWE Championship belt.

WWE and Amazon pursued these criminal actors in addition to filing civil actions, and their collaboration with the Middlesex County, New Jersey, Prosecutor’s Office resulted in the filing of felony counterfeiting charges against two associated parties.

Vice President Of Intellectual Property For WWE, Matthew Winterroth’s Official Statement –

“Amazon is the gold standard for online brand infringement partnership. Our fans all around the world trust the official and licenced WWE items, which are branded with our IP, and we take tremendous measures to safeguard customers from fake goods and other forms of intellectual property infringement. We hope that other businesses will use Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit as an example of how to collaborate with businesses of any size to help address this persistent problem.”


Together, Amazon and WWE file a lawsuit to protect customers and the veracity of the historic championship title belts of WWE.

Amazon and World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) (NYSE: WWE) have filed joint lawsuits against 13 defendants over their efforts to promote and sell replica championship title belts emblazoned with the WWE insignia in Amazon’s store. The WWE World Heavyweight, Universal, Intercontinental, United States, and NXT Championship championship belts, as well as commemorative title belts, were all imitated.

Project Zero And Brand Registration

WWE used Amazon’s Project Zero and Brand Registry protection tools in conjunction with its proactive IP monitoring and enforcement programme to identify infringing listings, which Amazon then removed. When criminal actors tried to sell counterfeit goods while misrepresenting their locations and identities, WWE teamed up with Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit to seek legal action against them.

It was discovered that one of the defendants was running their fraudulent enterprise out of New Jersey. Along with filing civil complaints, Amazon and WWE collaborated with the Middlesex County, New Jersey, Prosecutor’s Office to go after these criminals. As a result, two related people were charged with felony counterfeiting for selling fake WWE championship title belts.

Counterfeiting The Unknown

WWE’s strong and proactive IP enforcement programme makes use of both internal and external resources to fight piracy, distribution abuse, and counterfeit and infringing goods both online and at actual places of sale. This comprises skilled internal workers and outside contractors who routinely check global internet stores for intellectual property violations and fake sellers. WWE is also given immediate access through Amazon’s Project Zero to remove suspect listings from Amazon’s storefronts. After suing or referring over 600 criminals for investigation in the US, UK, EU, and China in 2021, an increase of more than 300% over 2020, Amazon filed its most recent case with WWE.

A group of former federal prosecutors, former law enforcement officers, skilled investigators, and data analysts were assembled to work with Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit.

Amazon prevented more than 4 billion unfavorable listings from appearing in our stores in 2021. These listings were thought to be potentially dishonest, illegal, fake, or abusing other people’s privacy in some other way.


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