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How De Penning and De Penning Helps you as Patent Agent?

De Penning & De Penning patent agent India will help you fill out the necessary forms, contacting the patent office, send in your application and follow up on any issues that might arise while your patent is being processed. Issues, by the way, will almost certainly arise. A patent examiner will typically send you a list of rejections. They're items that need to be corrected or modified in order for your application to be granted. De Penning & De Penning patent agent can help you address those items or argue against the rejections.

FAQs on patent agent

Who is regarded as patent agent India?

A patent agent is an individual who is registered for practicing before an Indian Patent Office. To become one, one has to qualify Indian Patent Agent Exam that is held each year.

Who conducts this examination?

Patent agent India Examination is held by the Indian Patent Office once each year. This examination is conducted at Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Chennai and Kolkata. The applicant is to select a center of his convenience.

Eligibility criteria to become patent agent India

Eligibility criteria are as follows:
  • Applicants need to be an Indian citizen and is to complete 21 years of age at exam time.
  • All technology and science graduates (M.Tech, B.Tech, M.Sc. and B.Sc,) from any established university under Indian law or other specified equivalent qualification under central government is eligible for appearing the exam.
  • The final year candidates also are eligible on producing the mark sheets, final degree, etc., within two months from Patent Agent exam declaration result which they are appearing for.

Is law degree necessary to become a patent agent ?

For becoming patent agent, the individual is not required to become a lawyer. By qualifying this examination is enough for practicing as patent agent.

What is the number of times that an individual can appear for the patent agent examination?

Indian Patent Office has not specified till date the maximum number of attempts to qualify this exam, which means one can appear as many times until he qualifies.

Syllabus for IPA examination

Even though there is no prescribed syllabus format as prescribed by Indian patent office, one has to become thorough with procedures and practice of patent office. One should get hold of the latest and well researched study materials and be competent and well versed for clearing Patent Agent Exam.

Can registered patent agent practice outside the country?

No. the certification is valid only for Indian citizens. It is recognized only by Indian patent office. Hence, any individual desiring to practice outside the country like Europe or the US, needs to qualify patent agent exam of respective countries.

How to avail exam form?

As the exam gets announced by Patent Office, forms could be filled on the web through official website or could be downloaded, filled up and sent to the specified postal address.


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