Trademark Agent India

How to qualify as trademark agent India?

A trademark attorney or agent is considered to be a qualified individual, who offers plenty of valuable deals and advice that are related to all legal aspects of filing trademark applications, opposition cases, granting application, and much more. For qualifying as trademark agent, it is important for the individual to clear a preliminary examination that is conducted once a year by Trademark Registry. This is the trademark agent exam, which when qualified helps the individual to go the next stage of becoming a successful trademark agent.


An individual is said to be eligible for applying for examination under Trademark Act of 1999 only after completing 21 years of age. Also, he needs to possess a graduate degree from any recognized Indian university or other qualification that is equal to it, or hold a law degree.

Trademark agent India examination application needs to be made in TMA 1 form that is provided in Trademark Rules 2002 schedule II. This application is to be submitted in triplet along with a prescribed fee to the trademark registry. Eligible candidates for appearing the examination would be called for undertaking written examination, along with viva voice. Written examination is to be for 150 marks and the viva voice is of 50 marks. This exam is slated to deal with the different Trademark Practice and Laws from Trademark Act and Rules.

The individual having cleared this examination would successfully become trademark attorney and practice anywhere in the country. The trademark agent can assist clients in a variety of matter related to trademark field, which includes registering company’s name, logo, individual name or logo for their product. Also, they have a right for dealing with clients in regards to cases that are related to the products.

Trademark agent registration

Trademark registrar is to maintain a trademarks agents’ register that would have the name, address of principal business place, address of place of residence, nationality, date of registration and qualification of each registered trademarks agent.


Qualification for an individual to become trademark agent India has been prescribed in Trademarks Act of 199 and Trademark Rules of 2002. Apart from this advocates having enrolled under Advocates Act, including Company Secretaries having passed the ICSI examination being licensed for carrying out practices as Company Secretary can represent the clients before Trademarks Registry.

A lucrative career

Practicing as trademark agent is regarded to be a lucrative job that comes with a wonderful pay package. One can either join a company or draw a neat salary or if having good communication skills and a wonderful client base can practice self. The choice is entirely up to the individual to make. Around 1.5 million trademarks are said to be on record, either in the form of granted trademarks or pending applications in the Trademark database, which is being maintained by Trademark Registry of India.