Trademark Attorney India

Understanding about trademark attorney India

Trademark attorney India professionals are said to offer different types of services ranging from selecting trademark to getting registered for and to enforce trademark that is selected, so that it does not get infringed by others. However, selecting trademark for the business can prove to be a challenging job. Several trademark signs tend to get rejected each month for obvious reasons. It would be wise to hire a licensed and reputed Trademark Registration attorney, who would ensure that such things do not happen in this case.

How attorneys can help with trademark registration?

Registering trademark is considered to be a niche domain of law having specific requirements, which is somewhat different from other law disciplines. As a result, there is a need to hire service of those individuals, who are qualified, certified, well versed with the different applications, knowledgeable and experienced.

  • The attorney is the correct person to assist in selecting a trademark for the business. He ensures that the selected trademark has better chances to get approved by concerned authorities. He will identify if all trademarks that are shortlisted are similar or same like that of the other signs that are already registered or not. The entire look of mark in process is reviewed by him.
  • He would analyze thoroughly the trademark that is selected, thereby diminishing the chances of being rejected. Also, he ensures that the selected trademark is not infringed upon by others and is exclusive.
  • He would file trademark application, providing valuable tips and suggestions, in regards to the intellectual property.

Qualification of the trademark attorney

Two ways are present for the individual to become trademark attorney in India. One is by being eligible through professional qualification for practicing before Trade Mark Registry or to pass qualifying examination that is conducted to become a practicing attorney. An examination is conducted by the Trademarks Registry to admit individuals having become Trademark agents and is entitle in practicing before Trademarks Registry. Qualification to become an agent is said to be prescribed under Trademarks Act of 1999 and Trademark Rules of 2002. Besides this, advocates having enrolled under Advocates Act and the Company Secretaries having qualified the exam conduct by Company Secretaries are licensed for practicing as Company Secretary to represent the clients before Trademarks Registry, without having appeared in Trademark Agent examination.

The services of the trademark attorney in the country are invaluable and vital to all concerned in the domains of economy. Also, they are regarded to be immensely significant part supportive and creative services by Indian legal sector. The reputed attorney offers a whole range of services ranging from Patent, trademarks, copyright in every economic field throughout the country. They help business entities to protect their interest from illegal parties.