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What is a copyright law?

Copyright can offer you a level of security for tangibly expressed original works, including artistic works (e.g. paintings and sculptures), dramatic works, literary works, musical works (such as sound recordings), cinematography, and computer software per se.

As a copyright owner, you have the exclusive right to:

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Why register a copyright?

Copyright protection is automatic. However, if your work is infringed, it can be difficult to prove that it is your intellectual property.

Registration of your copyright by a copyright lawyer makes enforcing your rights much simpler. It serves as proof that you own the work, allowing you to act effectively against infringement.

Can I apply for copyright registration from legal firms in India?

Copyright in India can be registered, jointly or separately, by:

What cannot be protected by copyright law in India?

Works that copyright cannot protect include those not tangibly expressed, titles, slogans, ingredient or contents lists, and generic facts and figures.

Registering and protecting a copyright

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We are here to ensure your work is recognised as your own.

Applying to register a copyright

Registering a copyright will not only secure your rights, but:

Requirements for registration

To meet the requirements for copyright registration, the asset:

Assigning and licensing copyright

Enjoy your creative success

Remedying infringement

Preserve your interests

Need help with a copyright?

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Procedure for registering a copyright


● the title, language and publication date of the work (if published)
● your interest in the work
● information about any persons authorised to assign or license the copyright
● a signed declaration by the author, if you are not the author

You must also supply three copies of the work as soft copy (3 sets on CD) or as hard copy.


A minimum period of 30 days is allowed for any objections to your copyright registration application.

Any objections will be made on the grounds that the copyright lacks originality. Third-party objections are not encountered. Further, objections from the Copyright office will have to be responded to within 15 days.


Once any objections have been settled, your application is examined. If issues are discovered, you will be given the opportunity to address them.


Your copyright will be registered and you will receive a certificate of registration.


The usual term of a copyright is for the author’s lifetime, plus 60 years from the start of the calendar year after the death of the author. In situations of joint authorship, the term extends from the death of the last author.