Portfolio Management

Our experience in providing IP portfolio management services in India giving your business a competitive edge.

Managing your intellectual property portfolio

As IP rights and assets become more central to businesses’ commercial strategies, their value continues to grow. Now, more than ever, businesses must be fully cognisant of their IP assets and able to enforce their associated rights to protect their market interests, maximise profits and utilise leverage. Similarly, they must also be aware of competitors’ IP assets. Infringing others’ rights, even unintentionally, can lead to serious legal ramifications.

Your IP asset portfolio can be extensive, comprising a variety of intangible assets that require expert input to manage effectively. De Penning & De Penning’s IP portfolio management services make collating, administering, and leveraging your assets simple.

We believe in helping our clients discover new pathways to future success. Our cutting-edge portfolio management processes ensure we stay ahead of the game, providing progressive legal advice that is aligned with the innovative mindset of our clients. To enhance the potential of your intellectual property portfolio, there is no team more qualified than De Penning & De Penning. Contact us today.

Portfolio management services

At De Penning & De Penning, we want to help you make the most of your intellectual property. We offer tailored intellectual property portfolio management services focused on adding value to your business.

Auditing your existing rights

An in-depth IP portfolio analysis and audit of your business’s existing IP portfolio is vital to understanding your current position. Many companies neglect regular audits due to time or resource constraints. However, at the minimum, a yearly audit is essential to effective portfolio management.

Our portfolio managers can conduct an extensive audit of your IP rights and assets on your behalf, identifying:

Developing an IP strategy

Using the audit’s findings, we work closely with you to develop an IP strategy that will protect your commercial interests, complement your business policies and maximise your returns. Intellectual property portfolio development might involve the following strategy:

Need assistance with managing your IP portfolio?

Specialist IP Portfolio Management across India and around the World

Our close monitoring of IP portfolio developments worldwide ensures our portfolio management strategies are responsive to technological, legal, and economic changes. We know how crucial your IP assets are to your business success and we manage them with care, intelligence, and sophistication. With De Penning & De Penning, you can rest assured you will receive legal advice and support of the highest standard. Discuss your IP portfolio management needs with us today.

The value of an expertly managed IP portfolio

IP assets contribute to your business’s reputation, commercial value, and brand image. They can define your market, attract clients and cement your legacy. From company logos to Twitter hashtags, domain names to geographical indications, your IP portfolio requires comprehensive management and protection

Tangible benefits of effective management include:

Added commercial value

The IP associated with your company can make your goods and services more reputable, recognisable and desirable.

Protection against competitors

IP, including patents and design rights, can protect your commercial space against copycats, counterfeiters, and direct competition.

Increased investor appeal

IP demonstrates your exclusive market space, helping to attract investment.

The legal
team you can
rely on

We pride ourselves on being one of the few firms in India that can fulfil the fast-changing needs of our global client base.

Prodigious reputation

We are the only intellectual property law firm in India to have operated for over 165 years

Strategic local and global positioning

Our clients benefit from our strong regional and global connections

Authority and experience

Our large attorney team comprises specialists across the full spectrum of IP law, including portfolio management