Geographical Indications

We believe your product’s origin should be recognised and respected, as should its unique constitution and reputation.

Protecting your product's authenticity

If the origin of your products imbues them with a particular quality or reputation, it is important that your customers recognise your product with the geographical origin and trust this origin’s significance. Geographical indications in IPR services (GI) demonstrates the high calibre and unique characteristics of your goods, bolstering their value.

We strive to strengthen your competitive advantage, and will ensure your geographically unique product takes pride of place in the market. Our specialist legal team can help you to increase and secure your goods’ commercial value. Whether you would like assistance with applying for a GI in IPR, or general advice on how best to protect it against misuse or imitation, contact us today.

geographical indication in ipr

Why use a geographical indication in IPR?

Differentiating your goods from others that do not share the same origin is a vital commercial strategy. So too is ensuring that their value cannot be diminished by other’s false claims that their inauthentic products are genuine.

What is a GI IP?

A GI is a name or sign used on products to indicate that they have a particular geographical origin or were made via a certain production method.

Such products could include wines and spirits; foodstuffs; agricultural products; and goods produced using specialised manufacturing skills, for instance, Swiss watches.

Applying for a GI

To secure a GI registration, you will need to apply to the relevant registration body for the jurisdiction in which you want your product to be of a particular geographical origin.

The registration body has its own requirements and quality schemes against which applications for geographical indications in IPR are assessed. We offer tailored advice on where and how to make a successful application. 

Protecting a GI

Without protection, GIs can be used illegitimately. This risks diminishing the value of the GI and authentic products. 

Protecting a GI enables you to act against someone who tries to cause an infringement of geographical indications. We can act on your behalf to secure full protection and fight infringement.

Looking to make a GI application?

Expert IP Lawyers and Attorneys specialising in Geographical Indication protection across India and around the World

Speak to De Penning & De Penning for tailored advice on making a GI application and protecting its integrity. If your product’s origin or manufacturing process gives it specialist characteristics, we can ensure its quality and reputation is recognised. Contact us today to make GIs part of your commercial strategy.

Your questions answered

Geographical Indication FAQs

Procedure for obtaining a patent

Your product must meet the requirements of the applicable GI law for your chosen jurisdiction. The link to the product’s origin or manufacturing process can be determined by its given quality, reputation, or characteristic essential to its origin.

Often the presence of one of these features attributable to its origin will be sufficient.

What obstacles could my application encounter?

Common obstacles to registering a GI include:

● the determining character of the GI is generic;
● the GI is unprotected in its origin country;
● the GI indicates a plant variety or animal breed;
● conflict with an existing or homonymous GI.

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