Domain Names

Domain names are integral to your business success. We can support you with domain name disputes as well as non-contentious elements with the help of our expert domain name disputes attorney.

Protecting your online reputation

Your business’s online presence is vital to earning customers’ trust. Competitors, third-party advertisers, and cyber squatters could exploit domain name variations to extract value from you or your customers. 

It is imperative to control the primary domain name you use, plus variations that could be associated with your company. Our tailored guidance can protect you against internet domain name disputes and encroachments.

At De Penning & De Penning, we stay ahead of technological developments to mitigate the risk of others profiteering from your hard work and brand loyalty. We are experienced in raising and defending disputes, including those with high commercial value. If you need to reclaim a domain name or you are being pressured by a third party to relinquish one, we can help.

domain name disputes and resolution

Our domain name services

At De Penning & De Penning, we can secure and defend your rights to important domain names by providing the following remedies for domain name disputes.

Domain name dispute process

Our team recognises the misappropriation of your intellectual property being exploited for others’ gain. 

Domain disputes over the ownership of domain names frequently involve situations such as cybersquatting, typosquatting, passing off, and concurrent rights. If you are currently dealing with a domain dispute, get in touch.

Registering & trademarking

Domain name disputes can be avoided with forward-thinking legal advice on how to secure your online space.

We offer step-by-step guidance on registering and trademarking domain names that are central to your business, as well as advice on other related issues. Speak to us today to ensure your domain name is protected.

Reclaiming domain names

Reclaiming domain names can be complex. Often disputed names have been registered in multiple forms and jurisdictions hence, making a carefully-managed approach is crucial.

We can help you understand the value of domain names and pursue steps to reclaim them with minimal impact on your business.

Need help securing, defending, or reclaiming a domain name?

Professional IP Lawyers and Attorneys specialising in Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy across India and around the World
Over the years, we have collected an invaluable wealth of experience in safeguarding domain names. Our firm works tirelessly to secure your position in the market and defend you against commercial infringement. If your domain name has been taken, stolen, or is in dispute, we can help you to reclaim your domain name.

Your questions answered

Domain name FAQs

Can I trademark a domain name?

Registering your domain name as a trademark offers better protection, ensuring:

● you have legal rights over the name in the jurisdiction in which the trademark is registered;
● similar domain names cannot be used by others if this would disadvantage your business or damage its reputation.

If your domain name is trademarked, you will have strong grounds for enforcement of your domain name rights.

Can I claim compensation in domain name disputes?

Whether you can claim compensation depends on the domain dispute resolution procedure being used. We can advise on your best course of action when it comes to the domain name dispute resolution process.

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