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We are renowned for leading the way in protecting creators’ rights, and robustly defending our clients' assets against infringements.

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A business’s IP assets are vulnerable to attacks, causing serious reputational and commercial damage. If a threat arises, you must protect your market position by quickly identifying and mitigating any damage. Our market investigations team can help you to locate and respond to threats to your intellectual property, including:

To establish your place in the market, you need to be prepared at all times and take action where necessary. If an infringement occurs, we can assess the harm done, support you in making a claim for damages, and help you to get back on track. For expertise that is second to none, get in touch.


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Our thorough understanding of IP’s place in the modern market is prized by businesses in need of market investigations. Only a specialist law firm like De Penning & De Penning can comprehensively identify and mitigate threats and damage to your commercial position through IP infringement. Contact us today to learn more about our investigative services.

What we do

IP infringement can take many forms, all of which can cause your business significant harm. At De Penning & De Penning, we address every instance of infringement comprehensively, ensuring rapid mitigation and recovery.

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Global marketplace analysis

If counterfeit or diverted goods have infiltrated the marketplace, you need to understand their commercial spread, including how consumers have been exposed to them.
We provide full marketplace investigations at the local, regional and global level. Our in-depth assessments can be used to strengthen defences, remedy weaknesses, and mitigate damage.

Infringement modelling

Understanding how and why infringement occurs is central in mounting a successful response. Issues may arise internally, along the supply chain or within the marketplace.
Through our infringement investigations, we can model your business’s commercial channels, identifying relevant events and material to support an effective legal response.

Claiming damages

If your IP rights or assets have been infringed upon, our specialists can provide a rigorous assessment of the commercial and economic harm caused to your business.
Our analysis can form the foundation of a successful damages claim. We can guide you through the entire claims process, providing sufficient material to evidence the full scale of harm done.

Remote working and the threat to IP assets

Remote working has become far more common in recent years and many employees live in another region or even country to the company they work for. Confidential information and IP assets travel via multiple channels and across borders, increasing the risk of leaks and misappropriation.
If a remote-working business suffers an infringement, the investigation must be meticulous. Expert guidance often proves crucial.

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