Our Team


Mr RP Bhattacharya 

Practice Head - Designs & Chemical Patents

Mr RP Bhattacharya is currently the Practice Head of Designs and Chemical Patents division at De Penning & De Penning, having 40+ years’ experience.


Mr Solomon J DAVID 

Practice Head - Patent, Electronics, Telecom, Energy & Software

Mr. Solomon J DAVID, an engineer in electronics and telecommunications, has been a leading practitioner in IP law for over 30 years.


Ms.Malavika T. Vikram

Practice Head - Trademark, Copyright & Litigation

Ms.Malavika T. Vikram, is one of De Penning & De Penning's Senior Attorney, with a wealth of experience in the field of Trademark, Copyright, Domain name protection and enforcement.


Mr. Anand Barnabas

Practice Head - Patent, Mechanical & Automotive

Mr. Anand Barnabas is a Senior Patent Attorney and has been with De Penning & De Penning for more than 19 years.